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Exclusionary Taxation (PDF) This academic paper argues that while Prop 13 may be constitutionally valid, it likely violates the Fair Housing Act’s disparate impact liability.
Common Claims about Prop 13 Data-heavy report by the LAO about common claims made about Prop 13 An interactive map showing just how big Prop 13 tax cuts are in the SF Bay Area
Did Serrano cause Prop 13? (PDF) Academic paper arguing that Prop 13 was not caused by high burdens on homeowners but instead was a revolt against Serrano v. Priest (a California Supreme Court ruling which divorced local school funding from local property taxes). Wealthy property owners were unhappy that their tax dollars were being redirected to poor schools outside their neighborhoods and would rather cut property taxes across the board than see their dollars spent elsewhere. Justice Stevens dissenting opinion on Nordlinger v Hahn. This is the cleanest clearest take down of moral arguments for Prop 13 out there. Just an amazing piece of writing.