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Howard Jarvis was arrested for DUI on March 15, 1978

The deputy who arrested Howard Jarvis for investigation of drunken driving in March testified Wednesday that Jarvis was unable to recite the alphabet and failed three other easy sobriety tests after being pulled over.


Howard Jarvis referred to one of his Jewish opponents as a “lying kike lawyer from Brooklyn”

This happened during the campaign for Prop 9 in 1980. An initiative where Jarvis was ultimately defeated by a wide margin.

You’re not like Reiner. He is a goddamn lying lawyer kike son of a bitch from Brooklyn.

– Howard Jarvis


Howard Jarvis used the slur “Japs” after suffering a bitter defeat on Prop 9

He also charged that public employee unions are going to assume “dictatorships”.

The question is, are we going to permit the public employee unions to assume dictatorships

The public employees have won the first battle like the Japs won the first battle at Pearl Harbor, but the United States won the war


Howard Jarvis was sued for slander for telling a woman heckler that she “couldn’t make a quarter” in a “house they have” in Nevada

Why don’t you go to Nevada in house they have over there, you couldn’t make a quarter.

– Howard Jarvis speaking to Darla Davisson in 1980


Howard Jarvis threatened a high school district with an $800,000 libel suit because of an article written by a 16-year-old in the school newspaper

During the run up to Prop 13 in 1978 16-year-old Brad Teaby wrote an article describing the ballot measure in the Granite Hills High School Clarion. A footnote alleged Jarvis and Gann were “prominent real estate owners” who stood to reap “several million dollars” in tax savings if the proposition passed. Jarvis and Gann quickly labeled the story “grossly libelous” and filed their claim, the first step toward a libel suit.

The lawsuit was ultimately dismissed after Allyn Smith, the 17-year-old editor, published a partial retraction.


Howard Jarvis suggested removing 100,000 foreign students from California universities because they were “mooching on us”

DAILY: Estimates are that if tuition is charged 100000 students will be knocked out of the CSUC system

JARVIS: I wish there would be and especially a lot from foreign countries. We could cut 100000 foreign students – legal and illegal aliens going to school here – mooching on us – and get them the hell out of here.

note: jfc that whole interview is unhinged.

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Howard Jarvis referred to the California public school system as a “cancer on this society” which manufactures “permanent welfare recipients”

During an interview with Libertarian Review in 1979 (though he also mentioned it in the interview above):

LR: Where do you feel the most money is wasted by government today?

Jarvis: The public school system is second to none in waste, incompetence, and zero results. I think the public school system is a cancer on this society. The only difference between the public schools and the Mafia is that the public schools steal more money.

LR: The Libertarian Party has proposed a ballot initiative granting a state income tax credit of up to $1200 for any individual or corporation that pays the private school tuition of a child in the state of California. What do you think of that idea?

Jarvis: I have to agree with it. Private schools are far superior to the public schools. A grand jury investigation in Los Angeles County last year turned up the sad fact that 63 percent of the students at affluent schools—not ghetto schools, but affluent schools—were functionally illiterate. Instead of providing education, the public schools are a manufacturing establishment for permanent welfare recipients.